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Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

Identity Theft is a growing problem these days. New scams are arising, building off the data breaches occuring at retailers across the country. The latest phone scam calls consumers to supposedly notify them that their debit card has been compromised. They are then encouraged to push 1 for assistance and then enter their debit card number. If you receive a call like this, please just hang up. Don't ever enter your personal information at the request of a phone call.

If you have any concerns about your credit union debit card, call us directly at 866-254-4791.

Learn more about protecting your identity here.

Free Financial Counseling Through Accel

Need some assistance with your finances? Take advantage of our partnership with Accel Member Financial Counseling. It's free! Learn more.


Share Your Credit Union

Do you know someone who might be eligible for OHCFCU? Family members? Coworkers? Friends? Invite them to discover the benefits of credit union membership. There's something in it for you too!

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