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Personal Loans
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Sometimes you have a need for a loan that doesn't fall into a category such as an auto loan, or you don't have the ability to take out a home equity loan, or you don't wish to tap into your credit card limit. That's why Ohio HealthCare offers a variety of personal loans.

Signature Loan

Have an unexpected purchase or repair? Need to consolidate higher-interest rate loans or credit accounts? A Signature Loan may be exactly what you need

A Signature Loan requires no collateral other than your promise to pay it back, so you need no home equity or asset to pledge. It offers a competitive fixed rate for a term up to 60 months.

Credit Builder Loan

The very best rates we offer are on our Credit Builder Loans. There's a good reason for this: there's no risk!

With a Credit Builder Loan, you borrow against a share account or share certificate you have on deposit with the credit union. We know you have the money to pay it back, so we offer you an incredibly sweet deal on the rate...just 2% over the rate on your certificate or 4% over the rate of your share account. This is a winner all the way around, because even though you're getting a great rate, your certificate still earns dividends.

Overdraft Line of Credit

The Overdraft Line of Credit is used as a safety net for your checking account. It is attached to your checking account and only tapped into when you need it. That way there are no NSF fees, no merchant hassles...you can sleep soundly knowing your checks are covered!

When needed, the line of credit will automatically transfer the exact amount needed to clear a check or an automatic withdrawal.  Or you can manually transfer money from the overdraft line to cover debit card purchases. The Overdraft Line of Credit has a fixed rate and a low minimum monthly payment.

Apply Today

Questions? Contact our Lending Department at Lending@webcuohio.com or 866-254-4791, option 4.

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